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Basic House Rules

.  Your home should reflect warmth, welcoming and inviting to potential buyers

2).  When clients are looking at your home; temperature is best set between 68 degrees         and 72 degrees  (you do not want your home either to cold or to hot!)

2).  Neutralize any offensive odors

3).  Have soft music playing
Posted by on March 10th, 2016 2:47 PM
Just yesterday a customer stated, "I want to list my home, but want to wait until peak market activity!"  As a professional Realtor I can tell you that it is true certain times of the year have more home selling activity, BUT (and it is a big but) homes sell all year long! If your home is not on the market, potential buyers will not know it is for sale.

If you are serious about selling, get your home listed.  When listing a home here are a few important tips:
  1. Price it right from the start
  2. Your home's curb appeal is vital
  3. Update the interior and exterior
  4. Make sure your home is clean, depersonalized and de-cluttered
  5. Make your home easy to show
  6. Be sure your listing is on all the major online real estate portals
  7. Be sure your listing has good photos and lots of them
  8. Stage your home
Posted by on January 14th, 2016 2:29 PM
     When your home appreciates in value, two good things happen! One; if you need to borrow against your home you have equity to borrow against. Two; when your home appreciates in value you realize a bigger profit when you sell. Over time a home can and often does fluctuate up and down in value. 
    Of course you'll want to know what the market conditions are in a specific location. One of the best sources of information regarding housing market conditions are local Realtors.  
    If you are considering selling your home and would like current value for your home follow one of the following two suggestions. Two excellent methods to determine your home's value are:  (1) Hire an Appraiser & (2) Consult a local Realtor and have them complete a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) for your home.
Posted by on December 30th, 2015 4:49 PM
Do you want your home to Spend Less Time on the Market? 
Before you list your home for sale, consider a surefire way to sell your house a well-planned home staging. Home staging benefits include fewer days on the market and better offers. And you should definitely consider professional home staging if you need a fast home sale

Staging your home is all about marketing. You want buyers to see themselves calling your house "home". You want them to see your current home as their next house.

Posted by on December 4th, 2015 8:56 AM
  Basic tips to help you reduce the stress of buying a home!
1) Get Pre-Approved for a home mortgage!  There is a world of difference between a home buyer being pre-approved versus pre-qualified!  Being pre-approved means you have provided a mortgage lender your financial documentation.  Anyone can get pre-qualified for a loan.  However, being pre-approved allows the lender to determine exactly how much home you can afford to purchase based on actual financial documentation. This step really helps reduce the stress when starting your home search.  Nobody wants to start looking at homes, find one you really like only to discover it is out of your affordable price range.
2)Think long term when purchasing a home!  You might be planning to live in your home only a few years.  Another possibility is being transferred, needing a larger home, or later in life wanting to downsize.  Even though you might not have kids, if you want to resale your home schools are very important to potential buyers with children. 
3).  Unless you have purchased several homes, most potential buyers really benefit by using a professional Realtor.  A Realtor will assist you from searching for a home through the complete buying process. 
4). One basic fact in buying a home BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!  There is an old saying in real estate, Don't Buy The Biggest Home on the block.  (Remember tip number 2 think long term when buying a home)  Your home normally only increases in value as much as the value of other houses in your immediate area.  Remember unless the potential buyer is paying cash, a lender will require an appraisal for the home you are buying.
 In the next blog we will discuss additional stress relievers when buying a home.
Posted by on October 23rd, 2015 2:57 PM
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A farmer or rancher knows selling a farm, ranch, or confined animal operation IS NOT the same as selling a home! Therefore, they want a professional Realtor who understands and appreciates the importance of farming to our National and State economy.

Even though a large portion of farms, ranches or land is sold (without using a Realtor) to a neighbor or kept in the family! Neighbors often are not willing to pay the current market price and make a low offer. This was the case with dad’s farm when he finally retired. Dad finally decided to list his farm and was successful in getting top dollar for his land and home.

One Common Sense tip is; 
Unless it is vacant land DO NOT place a FOR SALE sign on your property! You have already informed your neighbors the farm or ranch is FOR SALE! You do not want a FOR SALE sign in front of your operational farm or ranch! The average person driving by DOES NOT have the money or credit line available to purchase your operational farm or ranch. The benefit Realtors have in selling property is our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) plus the internet in marketing your farm, ranch or land!

If you experience difficulty in locating additional land or an operational farm in Missouri 
give us a call! On the other hand if you are considering selling whether it is the complete farm, ranch or only liquidating some acreage, give us a call.

Posted by on October 8th, 2015 8:19 AM

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