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The new website is almost done!

July 21st, 2015 1:43 PM by Jason Brown

We've been working hard to bring you an all new and up to date website that is MOBILE FRIENDLY! 

You will now be able to access all the real estate resources that Charles Burt Realtors and the associates have to offer on any modern device!  Tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops are all supported! It looks great on all Apple, Android, and Microsoft platforms! The website automatically formats to fit the needs of your device.  This technology is brought to you by Pipeline ROI - a leader in real estate technology for over 20 years. 

Many more great features are now online as well and the overall look is modern and sleek! We hope you will enjoy using the updated version of our website!  Please take a moment to look around the new website and all the real estate services Charles Burt Realtors has to offer!

All your real estate needs under one roof at WWW.CHARLESBURT.COM!

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Posted by Jason Brown on July 21st, 2015 1:43 PM

It works!!
Posted by I am testing the comment section. on July 21st, 2015 10:04 PM

Another comment test!
Posted by Jason Brown on July 24th, 2015 5:56 PM

Another TEST of the comment section! Sorry if you are reading this! Getting the new website up and running!
Posted by Jason Brown on July 24th, 2015 6:54 PM

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